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I had in mind to paint the Twelve Panes (not "panes" as in windows, but PAH-nays), as described by Nonnus in the 5th century AD, chronicling Dionysos' war with the Indians: "The rockdwellers came also from their self-vaulted caves, bearing all the name of Pan their father the ranger of the wilderness, all armed to join the host; they have human form, and a shaggy goat’s head upon it with horns. Twelve horned Panes there were, with this changeling shape and hornbearing head, who were begotten of the one ancestral Pan their mountainranging father."

True satyrs are not very goat-like. With shorts and a hat on, they could pass for human. The closer they get to Pan in ancestry, the more bestial they appear. This is the first painting, Eugeneios (which either means "well born" or "bearded"), resting and taking off his armor after a long day.

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