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The Last Paladin - from a new author of satyr stories

Everyone, I'm very pleased to introduce you to Vaughn R. Demont.

He contacted me out of the blue a long time ago, an aspiring writer hoping to eventually get published. He'd been writing a story involving gay satyr erotica, and wondered if I would take a look and give him some feedback.

...WOW. It was *good*!! He showed me the drafts as long as I didn't tell anyone about him, as he polished the text and tried to find a publisher. And now that time has come. You have *no* idea how much I've wanted to share this guy's work with you!

The Last Paladin, part 1: A Squire's Vow, is available online through Torquere Books. Yes, it costs $2.49, it's 10,000 words, and it's worth every damn penny. You know how people have music mp3s and maybe a pirated movie they were too cheap to pay for? And occasionally something you like comes out by an artist you really respect so you buy his stuff because you want to support him? That's how much I respect this guy's talents. I've bought his work even though I've had an earlier copy of it for months on my hard drive.

It's the story of a man who finds himself isolated by life in the city, until he's introduced to a new world of hope, danger and love when he finds there's a hidden reality of mythical beings who live right beside us.

The main character is Len, a young, slightly withdrawn university student, looking for a bit more faith and direction in the world than he's found so far. He'd previously pledged himself to Pan, hoping to have a spiritual experience of some sort, but nothing had happened and so he'd moved on with life.

So it's quite a surprise when he finds out that the ancient gods are still around, and that Pan and satyrs actually exist. And that he's falling in love with one of them. And that pledging to become Pan's knight has put him on a very unexpected road with a rather steep learning curve. And that satyrs are not the only creatures secretly roaming the city streets.

Having read the first couple chapters of The Last Paladin, I can tell you that Mr. Dumont is an excellent writer. He wants to tell you a *story*. An urban fantasy with humour, tragedy, mystery, drama, action, characters with actual depth, and finally, sex. All these things blended together, balanced, none of them getting too dominant to shake the focus away from the story underneath it all. (Actually there's some light dom/sub in the later chapters, and even though it's not my thing I still enjoyed the story.)

In closing, I think the quality of this author's work speaks for itself. Give The Last Paladin a try, and if you like it as much as I did, please post a reply here to let others know what you thought of it. Spread the word!
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